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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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right now on msnbc saturday, mountain mystery. a climber vanishes into the fog 14,000 feet up. he left some traces but why was his rope unclipped? also the new link in the new sketch released in the case of a murder of a virginia tech student. under fire, calls for the head of the gop to resign coming from inside his own party. what michael stihl said about afghanistan and why it generated such anger. plus, it's simply huge. we're going to show you a massive cruise ship docking for the first time in new york. looks like a small city, doesn't it? good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc saturday, 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. we'll have all that in a moment. now it is crunch time for the bigger events this independence day including some in our backyard here at msnbc.
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macy's is getting ready to send 40,000 fireworks exploding into the sky. six barges on the hudson river will fire shells at a rate of 1500 a minute. then out on new york's coney island, major league eating stars are preparing to face off in nathan's famous hot dog eating contests. last year's champ, joey chestnut sank a record 68 dogs and buns in 10 minutes. a drastic rise in holiday travel this fourth of july weekend. according to aaa, 35 hillon america million americans are on the move. kevin tibbles is joining us from a very sunny and beautiful chicago where it's still early. but it looks like it's going to be prime weather to hit the beach. good morning. >> reporter: hey, alex. well, i'm taking a little bit of a coffee break on the north avenue beach in the heart of chicago. what an absolutely beautiful day. we had two great days. the forecast throughout weekend says there isn't going to be a cloud in the sky.
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35 million americans do plan to travel this year over the fourth of july weekend. that is up 17% over last year. 90% of them are going to be traveling by car. so they'll be heading over to grandma's house for the hotdogs via automobile and perhaps one of the main reasons for that is the price of gasoline is not even being factored into trip expenses according to aaa. two years ago, it was $4.05 a gallon. this year, $2.75 and aaa is essentially saying people are making their holiday and vacation planning and not even factoring in the fact that gas is at the price that it is because this is kind of what we're used to and everybody seems to be happy with that. but again, a beautiful day here. it's supposed to also be a beautiful day in chicago tomorrow. so it's no reason why chicago was voted the number one destination by this weekend. >> something you're touting as the unofficially spokesman of chicago. i see you have company there
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now. it's picked up in the last hour. what about fireworks displays? are there any scheduled there for over the lake or like other cities? or have you had to pair that down? >> well, there's been a lot of discussion about the fireworks in chicago because the fireworks on the fourth of july are actually real integral part of the weekend as they are in many communities. but there has been a lot of discussion not only about the economy, but the crowd control and the like and traditionally they would have had fireworks here this evening. but that has now been pushed off to the actual fourth of july. without getting into too much detail, we've also got the taste of chicago here which draws millions of people as well to enjoy the flavors and festive air of the weekend and the fireworks are going to close that out tomorrow night here in chicago. >> okay. kevin tibbles, thank you so much. well, americans around the country are heading to the beach. they're hoping for the same kind of weather we just saw in chicago. so for the holiday weekend forecast, i'm joined by bill karins. good morning, bill.
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chicago's got some great stuff. >> yeah. i was wondering, there are not many people on the beach. then i realize it's 9:00 a.m. i'm surprised there are that many people. they're getting their spots early. the airports are fine. the weather looks really nice. the exceptions are down f you're traveling to dallas, houston, san antonio, even oklahoma city, that's where you see rain and thunderstorms. possible delays. as of now, green all across the board. we've been talking about the low humidity, chicago and d.c., everyone enjoying it. the numbers, the dew points, once they get to the 60s, it feels humid. once you get to the 70s, it feels like a soupy gross air mass. that's what you're seeing there from the texas area to oklahoma and also down through florida. the humidity is going to increase in the days ahead. not today. the heat index, really not that bad. miami, already feels like 93. it's so humid down there. but that's why you run to the beach. and that's also, you notice where the rain s the same spots that have the higher humidity in the summer, florida, texas, up into oklahoma. the low humidity, you won't see hardly any clouds in the sky from chicago up through d.c.
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today. now let's talk about the heat wave. this will be impressive. the heat builds in a hurry. fourth of july, low humidity but hot temperatures from d.c. to new york. the difference between sunday and monday is that on monday it's not only going to be hot but the humidity is also going to be on the rise. d.c. should be 100 degrees. same for areas aroundrichmond, baltimore, even new york city has a chance monday into tuesday of being near 100. i think new york city was the fourth hottest june ever. d.c. is similar. and now july is going to get very hot in a hurry. we had a little break an now it's over. >> oh, yeah. the humidity is back. okay. bill karins, thank you for that. the coast guard issued a warning of great white sharks in northeast watters this weekend. some large enough to capsize a small boat. a great white was spotted recently off massachusetts and that's similar to this one seen near cape cod last summer. officials are advising boaters that 15 foot sharks could be
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swimming in watters from new jersey to maine. the coast guard recommends all the kayakers steer clear of seals. they attract sharks. a mystery at 14,000 feet. search and rescue teams are scouring mount are a near as they try to solve a mountain top disappearance. officials are combing the summit for a climber last seen on thursday. what they can't understand is why his rope line was found unclipped. eric lewis vanished right into the thick fog and fellow climbers only realized he was missing when they stopped to take a rest. searchers later found his backpack and a snow cave where he may have taken shelter. >> it's perplexing. you know, that's one of the unsolved mysteries here why he unclipped from the rope and what happened then. you know, did he fall? did he decide to descend and just turned around? you know, we don't know. >> officials say lewis is an experienced climber and reached the summit of mount are a near at least ten times. a bear that viciously attacked a man in a northern california campground has been
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shot and killed. wildlife officials used dogs to track the black bear last night. the victim had been camping with his wife and 3-year-old child. the 1-year-old bear was found about a quarter mile away in the el dorado national forest. the man's face was slashed. he is now recovering after receiving 26 stitches. for 75 days now oil has been spoiling the gulf of mexico. there are new development this is hour an how we're handling this disaster. bp is sending more oil skimmers to sea now that hurricane alex is gone. even though the storm made land fall hundreds of miles from the spill zone, the high seas and crashing waves did a number on the cleanup efforts. volunteers in orange beach, alabama, are higt the beach to help this weekend. anyone helping out has to go through hazardous material training before they can participate. and a little good news here. a pair of oil soaked turtles rescued from louisiana coast are adjusting to their new home. they're enjoying the new digs at the louisiana gardens and zoo in the city of monroe. the oil spill couldn't come
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at a worse time for business as long the gulf coast. sunbathers and swimmers usually crowd the beaches on independence day. but they've been replaced by cleanup crews in protective suits. michelle franzen is live in pensacola beach, florida. what is the situation like there today? it looks nice behind you. looks can be deceiving. >> reporter: it really is a gorgeous day, alex. take a look behind me. it's still early here on pensacola beach. but a few people are venturing out here. some tourists are starting to walk along these beaches that they've worked so hard to clean in these last few days following alex as well as some oil patches. and crews are out dotting this area. no matter how the beaches look, they're just not coming this holiday. en that is a problem. and certainly revenues are off. you know, about an hour from here in alabama, they're faring much worse, not only do they have -- not have the tourists, but they've got big patches of oil coming in. that wind bringing it on shore
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again. and many people who kept their vacation plans, even the youngest ones, are seeing it for the first time. >> i've learned that this is the biggest deal that's happened ever in the ocean before. in my life. i've only been alive eight years. and it's just -- i've learned that this is huge. i was looking forward to having so much fun at the beach. and now it's just ruined. and i'm angry and sad at the same time. >> reporter: i think that little boy speaks for not only a lot of kids but a lot of adults this weekend, alex, as well as business owners who are losing that well needed money on this weekend. >> yeah, a very tough time to be able to enjoy if you're a business owner. thank you very much. michelle franzen. a new message on the economy today from president obama following the latest snapshot of the nation's unemployment situation. although the president is drawing attention to the sixth straight month of job gains, he admits there is still a long way to go. >> the truth is, the recession
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from which we're emerging left us in a hole that's about eight million jobs deep. and as i've said from the day i took office tshgsz going to take months, even years, to dig our way out. >> nbc's mike's va jara joins us. >> reporter: that's the problem that president is running into. there is such concern in washington, a political concern of reflection of the concern of every day citizens and residents of this country about the growing national deficits, the growing national detriment, the total accumulated dmet this country $13 trillion that we owe to the creditors. and something extraordinary is really happening. the president was talking about an extension of unemployment benefits for the eight million people still out of kroshg in this country but has been defeated in congress. this is something that is normally passed easily. sure, there are several people
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that talk about the need to off set it, to pay for it, to not go further into debt to extend unemployment benefits. they're trying to do. that but this is deemed emergency spending. it is deficit spending. and this time the difference is it is not passed. and that is a reflectionst concern that republicans and democrats have as we head into an election year. unemployment figures came out yesterday. the rate is down from 9.7 to 9.5%. the economy added private sector jobs for the sixth consecutive month. that's the good news. the bad news is that on balance, the economy lost jobs because all the temporary census workers hired to do the census earlier in the year are no longer needed. they no longer have those jobs:sax by chambliss is a republican. we saw the internet address, a bite from that. here's the response from republicans talking about the concerns of republicans and some democrats on capitol hill. >> the national debt has risen by $2.4 trillion in the 500 days
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since president obama took office. that's an average of nearly $5 billion per day. >> reporter: now the president says they're digging out of the hole that was laid for them that, was dug for them by the previous administration at the economy was shedding 800,000 jobs a month when the president took office. and that is why we're still continuing to see the sluggish growth, growth nonetheless. >> okay, mike viqueira, thanks so much. still ahead, the new link in the case of a murdered virginia tech student plus new details about where the victim's remains were found. is there a high-tech answer to stopping deadly high speed police car chases? and later, it's bigger than big. we're going to show you a huge cruise ship docking for the first time in new york. that is so big. i got into one of the best schools in the country!
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a frantic rescue in connecticut after a 1300 pound rock fell on top of a hiker. that massive boulder tumbled on to the man's legs trapping him to his thighs. he was pinned for more than an hour as the rescue crews tried to pry that rock off of him. remarkably the man did not break any bones despite the tremendous weight on his legs. so could new technology put an end to those high speed police chases? so many of them are dangerous. general motors onstar technology is helping slow down cars that police put in those dangerous pursuits. the technology can send a signal to the car that's are equipped with onstar which makes them gradually just slow down and stop. joining me now is gill alba, a private investigator in the new york area. plenty of experience with the nypd as well. good morning. >> thank you. >> you know, let's talk about this. this was an 83-year-old nun who was struck and killed just got in the way, wrong place, wrong
10:18 am
time. and this is not an isolated incident. i mean how much do we need this technology? >> we need this big time. but under that condition, it probably wouldn't have helped. nypd making a chase on that particular car, they took the driver out of the car and the passenger went over and took care of that car and took off. and the police didn't chase him because they had the driver already. and they knew they could catch him at some point. so that's a good thing not to pursue. and he hit other cars and hit the nun, unfortunately, the 84-year-old nun standing on the corner in harlem. that was terrible. there are 30,000 police chases in the united states. 25% end in deathors injuries. any new technology would be tremendous. >> you have to wonder, a lot of people who say that risk is not worth the reward thus far in these police chases. >> police chases -- police departments frown on police chases. so really all the technology that they can do and help and really the officer on the scene has to make that call whether to chase somebody or not. >> yeah. so this onstar technology is one
10:19 am
of -- that was implemented right now. they're trying to see if this will work on that front. you get a signal to the car that is stolen and then slow it down if it's involved in the chase r there other technologies out there that could help or at least in development? >> this one is starting to be in development now. they did stop some cars. they did splitter suits. that really worked fine. so that's pretty good. but in the future, they're looking for cell phones to be able to do that through gps and everything else. right now, the police departments really work hard on pursuits because of the death rate and everything else. so really all this new technology is really welcomed. >> you and your colleagues there with the nypd, what is that like to be in a car chase? it's got to be kind of terrifying. >> it is. but when somebody tries to get away and you chase them, you have a tendency to really chase them. that's when you have to make a decision and your supervisor makes the decision not to chase anymore. once you chase them, you want to catch them. it's a hard call. but it's really always dangerous for the police officers.
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>> okay. gill alba, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. nail biting drama at the world cup. listen to this. a thrilling match between ghana and uruguay. a 1-1 tie was nearly broke innocent closing seconds of extra time. an intentional handball gave ghana a free kick. but the potentially winning shot just clammered right off the crossbar. heartbreak continued then for ghana in the penalty kick. two misses allows them to put that match away with a chip shot. then brazil came out firing against the netherlands striking first in the tenth minute. however, the joy was short lived in the world cup favorite fell hard. two goals and the netherlands punched their ticket to the semifinals in the stunning upset. france's soccer federation is fed up after the national team's early out offer in the group stage. the embarrassing showing prompted the appointment of a new head coach. ♪ i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack.
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look at the skies over new york city. they're going to be lit up again by a spectacular fireworks show tomorrow night for the second year in a row the fireworks will be launched from the hudson river. and the weather seems ton cooperating. the forecast calls for clear skies. you can watch nick cannon and allison sweeney sunday night on macy's annual fourth of july fireworks spectacular. the excitement starts live at 9:00 eastern on nbc. a mammoth cruise ship in new york is billed as the largest ship to ever dock in the big apple. it's huge. you're going to check this out now. among other things, the ship fittingly named epic boasts the largest spa, water park, and casino at sea. so if you were standing on the end of the ship, it would be among the tallest skyscrapers in manhattan if it was set upright. 200 feet short of the empire state building. wnbc's peji chang has the story.
10:25 am
>> reporter: the largest cruise ship telephoner dock in new york harbor, will also be the central point for the macy's jewel fourth fireworks show. six barges lining new york hudson's river will fire off 40,000 shells. >> it will be a much higher show. much more material. >> reporter: nbc will be broadcasting the show life from the cruise ship. the stage was still being set for the performers. like teen sensation justice continue beber. >> the best view of the fireworks show is on here, the 18th deck of the norwegian epic. >> reporter: inside the massive ship. there are plenty of distractions, luxurious cabins. your choice of more than 20 restaurants, several pools including the main deck with nearly 2400 lounge chairs and a 750 foot water slide.
10:26 am
if it ever gets too hot out there on the deck, you can head indoors to this ice bar. but first, you're going to have to suit up. inside here, everything is made of ice from the bar itself to the actual cups that you drink your cocktails from. it takes nearly 1600 gallons of water to keep this bar going from the statues to the benches. but if you're not one of the lucky ones with tickets, you're going to have to go here to the west side highway. the best vantage points are between west 23rd and west 72nd street or find a spot on pier 84 which will put you right at the edge of the action. >> you kind of have to get here early. and then sunday going to be pretty hot. >> i heard that it's going to be, i don't know if i should give away the secret, i heard it's going to be quieter near christopher street. >> reporter: or shell ott $150 to $350 to party on a roof top like hudsonter as. >> there's a lot more venues and actual places to eat or drink along the west side highway than there are on the fdr.
10:27 am
>> reporter: new jersey's waterfront might be slightly less crowded. but if you're like this lucky couple, just stay home. >> i think we're going to go to our roof deck. they have a really great -- we have a great view from up there. >> reporter: on the west side, paysy chang, news 4, new york. still ahead, the verbal jabs between the number one republican in the house and president obama. plus, he'll be lonely no more. a koala is about to get some company. we'll explain here on msnbc. ssi? like 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing.
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see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. wow... it's like it's gliding down, you know. [ male announcer ] now, fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. you takin' the glide back? no man, this is mine, you got to get your own. [ male announcer ] turns shaving into gliding. and skeptics into believers. new fusion proglide. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. these are the stories we're following for you at the bottom of the hour. police in oregon say the stepmother of a missing 7-year-old boy has been cooperating with investigators. terry horman was the last person to have seen kyron horman. president obama unveiled a new solar power initiative. it is rewarding $2 billion for solar plants that will create thousands of jobs. another problem for toy oat yachlt they're recalling 138,000
10:31 am
lexus vehicles to fix faulty engines. as fourth of july weekend barbecues get underway, the grills aren't the only things heating up out there. here in new york the mercury is set to rise to 95 on the fourth of july. hot and humid weather is expected across the northeast. and for the complete forecast, i'm joined as soon as he gets into spot right there, we got nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. better late than never. >> boy, alex, trying to update the philadelphia forecast. they were just now saying that it's possible in center city could be looking at one or two 100-degree days for this upcoming heat wave. so this is -- the numbers are impressive. we got done with the big heat wave. we had this break over the last couple days. now going to head right into the next one. so here's how we're looking for the fourth of july. notice the heat. i mean we've been in the 70s and 80s from d.c. up to boston, all of a sudden we're going to jump up into the mid 90s, even upper 90s in d.c. the rest of the country is going to be spared.
10:32 am
as far as mother nature goes, allowing the fireworks, hopefully the thunderstorms in florida will be overwith by the time the fireworks go off. but for kansas city, possibly st. louis, there around des moines and indianapolis, mother nature may have fireworks we have to watch out for. hopefully you'll get your fireworks shows in. monday, a lot of people have the day off from work. look at that heat. d.c., 100 degrees. near record heat. new york city, near 97. we don't have that on the map. there richmond, philadelphia, baltimore, you're all right there. so here's how it shapes up. new york city, temperatures around 97 degrees. this is an extended heat wave, too. i don't have thursday on there. thursday is also going to be in the mid 9 o's. by friday, things look to cool off a little bit, maybe some thunderstorm activity. as far as washington, d.c. goes. look at this. that is blistering hot for d.c. you know d.c., too, it gets humid. just gross and the air doesn't really flow that well. and it's going to be a dangerous heat wave. probably one of the hottest we've seen in d.c. in a while. alex this is shaping up as possibly being one of the
10:33 am
hottest summers in areas of the eastern seaboard, especially. june was one of the hottest ever for much of the mid-atlantic. and now july is going to follow closely behind. >> they've been saying that for a while. looks like it's all coming true. >> no hurricanes coming though. >> that's good. we had that one in june and that was early. thank you, bill karins. for more on the weekend weather where you are, be sure to head to well, the new commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan is calling for unity in the civilian and military effort to push back the taliban and stabilize the country. general david petraeus making the comments just this morning. the general arrived in afghanistan last night to take over command of the military forces there. joining me now, retired army colonel and msnbc military analyst jack jacobs. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the troops on the ground and their level of morale. what does the arrival of general petraeus do for that? >> it may improve it. the boss's boss coming to take over i think is going to instill
10:34 am
renewed vigor into these kids. but one of the things that's vitally important is change the rules of engagement. they've been very frustrating for commanders and troops on the ground. the perception is that decisions on whether or not can you actually fight against the bad guys who are shooting at you have to be made at a very high level. it's not necessarily true. but he's got to loosen up restrictions. the concern when mcchrystal was there was collateral damage. killing innocent civilians. there has to be loosening up of the rules of engagement. >> so what does he do next? what's going to come first under his command? >> i think one of the big things that's going to happen is a renewed offensive down in the south. that stall was not completely successful. we went into marja and then the bad guys came back. general petraeus has to get moving down in the south. otherwise, as the deadline next july of the president's potential beginning of the withdrawal of combat troops looms, there won't be any
10:35 am
success to show for it. i don't think you're going to get the afghans to carry on. >> well, he called today for the military and the civilians to all join together in this fight to back the taliban. you know, out of there. can he do that? i mean can that work? >> i think he can. >> what will help? >> i think one of the reasons is very forceful commander, he's very well connected in washington and the perception both among the troops on the one hand and karzai on the other is going to give him the kind of strength to get the job done in afghanistan. but, you know, there's still that looming business about us withdrawing in july. >> richard engel spoke from kabul a short while ago. he said that his opinion is that the afghany administration under harmid karzai is not going to welcome general petraeus because this guy is so connected. and it's going to make it hard. let's face it, the karzai government is not lotted to be completely aboveboard and very functional. >> he can't fix that either. we're putting buckets of money
10:36 am
in there and a lot of it goes missing. what he's got to do is establish a relation health care plan with karzai and the henchmen so that they can assist in our carrying out our mission. at the end of the day, though, these guys recognize that some day we're going to be gone. and all i have to do is hold our breath long enough for them to be gone. it's a tough road for petraeus and for us. but i think if anybody can get it done, it's a guy like dave petraeus. police don't know if a man intentionally drove his pickup off an overpass crashing on to a highway below it. another driver on the road below said she was driving under the overpass when the truck dropped on road behind her. fortunately, no cars were near the spot where it landed. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threaten injuries. dueling comments from president obama and the gop as both sides blame each other for the nation's economic troubles. >> still, at a time when millions of americans feel a deep sense of urgency in their own lives.
10:37 am
republican leaders in washington just don't get it. >> at a time when americans are clipping coupons and pitchinchi pennies, president obama and the democrats in congress continue to spend money that they, we do not have. >> but with all the political infighting, where does the public stand? just what is the mood of america? let's bring in associate editor and columnist with "the hill." good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> okay, on friday wasn't such a good morning when we got the latest unemployment figure. overall, the unemployment numbers are down. but the number of new jobs created fell far below the expectations. but the president's read is still positive. is there a disconnect between what he is saying and what people are feeling? >> oh, yeah. there's a disconnect between the 15 million unemployed listening to the comments about how positive it and a disconnect between what he's saying and what americans are reading. we know that consumer confidence
10:38 am
is down. auto sales are down. manufacturing is down. the markets are down. and several key economists looked at yesterday's report and their assessment is this the lowest unemployment we could have for a long time. so the picture is quite grim. underemployment, those americans out of work combined with those looking to -- for more hours is something like 18%. and so it's a very different message. i understand that it's positive that we've had six months of steady job growth. it is not enough. and the outlook is looking bleak. >> yeah. okay. let's look at what the public's feeling in terms of the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" pole. 62% of the country think it's going in the wrong direction. how dangerous is that number for the party in power based in terms of how to getting in done or to get re-elected? >> it's not good. we're getting awfully close. yesterday was the four-month march to the congressional midterm elections.
10:39 am
the jobs reports, they were very good in march and april, as you know. but yesterday's was not good and doesn't look -- the indications are that they won't be improving in the next few months before the fall elections. and so as you look to november 2 and you look at what is happening this sum we are the economy, the most important issue, there's a psychology taking hold among voters that there is now no longer some silver lining or silver bullet around the corner that's going to change the economic picture. and that is very tough for democrats to try to work against at this point. the feeling is that the members -- the congressional majority, democrats have in congress hasn't been able to produce jobs. the stimulus is not popular. most americans don't believe it's helped. and so they have a very uphill battle in terms of convincing voters that they've been good stewards of this tough economy. >> okay. it may be an uphill battle to convince the republicans. you need to stick around. we're talking about rnc chairman michael stihl who faces calls for his resignation after thez
10:40 am
comments he made about afghanistan at a fundraise they are week. one of the things he said, "the mcchrystal incident to me was very comical. i think it's a reflection of how the leaders feel about the war in afghanistan. keep your mind again, federal candidates this was a war of obama's choosing. this is not something the united states had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in." what do you make of those comments? >> will with, it would help michael stihl and tmik michael steele if he kept his facts straight. the afghanistan war, obviously, began in 2001 under president bush. and has continued under president obama. and a majority of the republican party backs that war and our strategy and mission there. it is definitely an affront to the men and women risking their lives over. there his comments r i don't know if michael steele is going
10:41 am
to step down from his position as chairman of the republican national committee. but he has become a major distraction prior to these comments for democrats. if he sticks around in this job coming up to this election, he will become a good punching bag for democrats to distract from the other messages about the grim economy and everything else. the oil spill. and i think that is why enough pressure will come to bear from republicans that he'll probably end up stepping down. >> okay. thank you very much for weighing in. appreciate. that. we have breaking news, everyone. this involving vice president joe biden who we are told by reuters wire service has made a surprise visit there and he's made a surprise visit to baghdad. apparently the vice president is expected to hold some talks with iraqi leaders and an on going deadlock four months after that vote, about all that, after forming the country's next government.
10:42 am
so, again, vice president joe biden has arrived in iraq unannounced, not a previously scheduled visit. at least not a publicized one. and the vice president hoping to hold talks with some iraqi lead be leaders about their government and the standing there. we'll bring you more information after a short break. [ bomb squad 1 ] let's do it! target's in sight. 100 meters. approaching... take your time. ♪ i have visual. steady. [ male announcer ] careful, this cheese is loaded.
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first a lawsuit about the iphone 4's faulty antenna. oh, i'm sorry right. there let's get back to this breaking news. i'm told we were going to talk about joe biden again. he arrived in baghdad. this to have some unannounced surprise talks there with the iraqi government on the heels of their elections back in march. there was some concerns about the validity of those elections. but now the vice president's gone over there to hold some talks. and it was not a previously announced trip. we'll keep watching on that and see what sort of discussions the vice president does have there with iraqi officials. now let's goat that lawsuit about the iphone 4's allegedly faulty antenna. and then the stunning admission
10:46 am
from apple about the phone's reception. it has nothing to do with all of those complaints. apple says the mistake has to do with the signal bars that are displayed on the iphone. they chalk it up to a software problem that sometimes shows signal strength bars that "were never real in the first place." the company will shift a software update within a few weeks. the company is defending the iphone 4's antenna calling the hand set wireless's performance the best we ever shipped. some customers have even sued the company. >> this is a company that isn't conceding any kind of hardware issue but it is, in fact, admitting to a software problem. >> apple sold 1.7 million iphone 4s in the first three days of the june debut. love may soon be in the air at the palm beach zoo in florida. oz the koala made his debut yesterday. he is settling in just fine. but now there's a plan to make some little koalas.
10:47 am
so there are plans to bring in a lady koala named abby from the l.a. zoo as a mate for oz. early on the "today" show we heard from the director of living conditions at the palm beach zoo about this plan. >> these guys are being put together based on the genetics. we're trying to maximize genetic diversity. ab ji young. she's about a year old. so she has a little bit of growing up to do. but over the next year or so, we're going to be introducing oz to his new young lady friend, abby. we hope to have some koala joeys from this match that we put together. >> here's hoping. if and when the baby koalas are born, they will stay at the palm beach zoo for a few years before being transported to other zoos as part of a species survival plan. tv guide magazine is celebrating its 3,000th issue. can you believe that? revealing the readers all time favorite covers. some of the most popular covers include comic giants like lucille ball, the simpsons and carol burnett to name just a few. let's get the details now from
10:48 am
matt rousch, senior critic for tv guide magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> so the fans have spoken. they vote on the favorite covers and how did it turn out? >> well, we collaborated with people's choice which does the people's choice awards. we put out the big poll. we broke it down by genre, decade, favorite lucy cover, sci-fi cover. simpsons, of course, illustrated covers, and that particular cover was like a four-cover -- you had to collect all four. it was the whole couch. it was fun. we used to play with that kind of thing as well. it was a grael deal of fueat de fun. >> that is dezy arnez jr., the very first cover. that's a big deal. >> very first national cover. it was a big deal because lucy's pregnancy on television had never been seen like that before. it was such a huge story. you know, the childbirth episode was a huge ratings blockbuster. having the real baby on the
10:49 am
cover, it was a no-brainer. >> absolutely. what about the favorite animal that graces the cover? >> look atlasy's face. how can you not vote for lassie. look at that. i think that -- yeah. there was no animal that even came close. mr. ed i think was number. two look at that dog. how can you not? >> yeah. any time you see a collie, you think lassie. >> how about carol burnett? she was so funny. >> '70s was such a great time for tv comedy. carol burnett, something about her and that sketch comedy, the variety format that vanished on tv nowadays, she is the most beloved comedians we still have. i think that putting her in our little gallery i think to begin, the fans had to go back. i think they want carol back in many ways. they want that kind of comedy back on tv. >> i have memories of my father laughing his you know what off at carol burnett. i mean it's a distinct sound i have in my head of my dad laughing like that. >> could the an rod in the back doing the gun sketch.
10:50 am
classic. >> let's move to the '80s, bill cosby one of them. >> he brought back tv comedy and family comedy. there was a time when sitcoms were thought dead in the early '80s. you go through cycles on that sort of thing. he exploded on the scene. nobody expected that much from the simple little family comedy. it was a knockout. and it revived nbc's fortunes, began like decades of must-see tv on thursday night. >> and clearly jerry seinfeld picked up the mantle on that one. >> he is the favorite for the '9 o's. talk about reinventing tv comedy, there was nothing like seinfeld before a show about nothing. they didn't hug. it was all about irony and taking a lesson from the standup. again, bringing a new voice to tv comedy and the fact that it connected with audiences and when you put them again like we asked them to vote for it and people still love jerry. >> absolutely. is was laughing out loud. thanks so much. >> you bet. in dayton, ohio, a newborn puppy is back with its mother
10:51 am
after a very close call. the 2-week-old crawled into a drainage hole. fireworkers spent about five hours to fre that pup. now while it did suffer from hypothermia, it's expected to make a full recovery and may have a new home soon. we're happy to say that one of the rescuers offered to adopt that little pup. [ male announcer ] a good reputation is difficult to attain. a reputation for unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer service, even more so. which is why it must be earned. every day. every mile. with every driver. we've earned ours by relentlessly asking one simple question... how can we make it even better tomorrow? lexus. the pursuit...of perfection.
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i think these are times to pay very close attention. two wars, financial meltdown, now an environmental disaster. we've got to cover all of it. that's what we're doing here every day. a murder mystery surrounding a virginia tech student is deepening this morning. police are asking for the public's help to track down this man. officials are calling the man in the sketch a possible suspect in the killing of morgan harington. the 20-year-old vanished last october after attending a metallica concert. her remains were found in a remote farm field with the nearest public road at least a mile away. joining me live now on the
10:55 am
phone, michelle sigona. good morning. >> good morning. >> so police say the man in the sketch is wanted in a sexual assault case from five years ago. where do you make the connection? >> what's interesting is that the department of forensic sciences in virginia had a lot of the evidence from morgan's case when her body was found on january 26th of this year. so they've been processing that. and they process a lot of crime scenes, pretty much every crime scene through the state of virginia. a match came up in the system. what they did is they notified virginia state police. and then virginia state police investigators then got in contact with fairfax city, virginia, officials. they sat down, compared notes and said hmmm, we know for sure that the guy in the sketch definitely had some sort of contact with morgan. we don't know for sure if he's the guys that responsible for her death. but either way, they need to identify him. >> how do they know that? i mean what are police saying about the way they know he had contact with her? is there video?
10:56 am
i mean -- >> it appears to be some sort of physical evidence of sort from the sexual assault that happened in fairfax city in 2005. and then something, maybe it was on her clothing, they're not saying specifically, maybe it was some sort of dna that was left behind. but there's definitely some sort of match between the two scenes. >> how about the number of leads that police have been getting? how many have they got snen. >> this is the best part. the best part is once they released the sketch a couple days ago, virginia state police by themselves within the first 24 hours had 50 leads. and when i spoke with fairfax city officials last night and virginia state police officials last night, they said that they've had so many tips come in. right now they're sitting down, they're combing through them. they're prioritizing them and seeing which ones are duply ce y dup cats.
10:57 am
>> thank you for giving us the update. mystery on mount are a near. a search gets underway today after an experienced climber just vanishes into a thick fog. why was his rope unclipped?
10:58 am
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